DINA Lawyers

DINA Lawyers are a team of commercial lawyers based in Sydney who can help you achieve your business goals. Whether you are looking for reliable legal advice when it comes to buying or selling a business, or you are involved in a commercial dispute, we can help you. DINA Lawyers are commercial lawyers that know Australian business laws and how they have an impact on different organisations; therefore we offer practical tailored legal advice and solutions to suit all businesses and individuals.

Commercial law relates to a business and the entire life cycle of the business; from starting, to growing and then to selling or diversifying. As experienced commercial lawyers in Sydney, we take a personalised approach to our client’s work and know exactly what’s going on in the industries that our clients operate in.

Commercial lease Lawyers

The suitability of the premises from which a business operates is a vital factor in the success of the operation of the business. The terms of a lease may also be important in establishing or maintaining the goodwill of your business, obtaining finance to purchase or expand the business, and in securing a purchaser for your business in the future,

DINA Lawyers have benefitted from years of experience in the field of commercial law, with experience in acting for both landlords and tenants. When securing a business premises, ensuring that your business is secured by an appropriate lease is crucial. As experienced commercial lease lawyers Sydney, it is a recurring theme to see clients given incorrect advice at the start of a lease, and to be facing dilemmas as their lease is coming to an end. Frequently businesses are required to find premises or to renew the lease of existing premises, and it is important that you speak to us before signing any legal documents, as the cost of relocation or the on-going increase in rent prices will be very expensive in the long run. Utilising the expertise of DINA Lawyers gives our clients the opportunity to save money, and in doing so, to achieve long term stability.

It is essential that every business entity has the correct structure to suit all its commercial requirements, as an  incorrect structure may cause difficulties in different aspects of the business, including start-up costs, taxation issues, rates and levies, and other legal obligations.

Commercial legal and accounting advice is also vital when deciding to purchase a business, as while the basic concepts of purchasing a business are similar,  it is the fine print that you need to be careful of.

It is vitally important that all aspects of your business enterprise are set up properly and that you know what your ongoing obligations are from time to time.  DINA commercial lawyers have a thorough understanding and knowledge of corporate governance regulations, as well as all licences, permits and approvals needed for a successful business. DINA Lawyers can also help protect your intellectual property by registering your designs, patterns and trademarks, and if an infringement does occur, DINA Lawyers will take all the necessary action to secure your rights, including litigation if necessary.