Debt Recovery Law – Sydney Lawyers

Are you owed longstanding debts that you need paid?

Allow one of our experienced litigation lawyers to assist you with recovery proceedings.

The debt recovery process begins with a letter of formal demand, followed by the institution of court proceedings. If the debtor fails to pay the debt or file a defence to the proceedings within a certain time frame, default judgement may be entered. If a defence is filed, the claim will proceed through the court process until it is either settled or decided by a judge.

If a judgement is obtained (by default or otherwise), various methods of enforcement become available to recover both the debt and the legal costs of the recovery proceedings, including:

  • Writs for seizure and sale of goods
  • Examination Summons
  • Garnishees Orders
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency

Our legal services range from implementing strategies and plans to help avoid outstanding debts, negotiating disputes over debts and where necessary, instituting recovery and enforcement proceedings, including:

  • Drafting a formal demand
  • Preparing a Statement of Claim
  • Conducting debt recovery litigation
  • Entering judgment
  • Enforcement judgements