Employment Lawyer Sydney

DINA Lawyers are leading employment lawyers in Sydney, combining the skill and experience you would expect of a top tier firm with the personalised customer service of a small firm. We pride ourselves on providing technically accurate and reliable advice together with legal solutions that are customised to every individual client.  DINA Lawyers are a team of professional employment lawyers who can give you the best advice, whether as an employer or an employee. We are able to assist you and advise about your rights under Australian legislation, including the Fair Work Act 2009 , Industrial Relations Act (NSW) 1996, Occupational Health Safety Legislation Privacy Laws, and State and Federal Awards.

The team at DINA Lawyers are fully equipped and experienced to offer legal assistance to guide you through the legal minefield of employment legislation, and to aid in avoiding costly disputes.

Employment Lawyer Sydney

We can advise you as to the terms of an employment contract, both from the perspective of an employee and an employer and can expertly draft contracts and terms of employment, Policies and documents such as Position Descriptions and Job Criteria.

If there is an employment dispute, an alternative resolution dispute mechanism, such as mediation, may be helpful to achieve the most desirable outcomes, with the team at DINA Lawyers being able to settle your dispute in a timely and favourable manner, often avoiding stepping a foot inside a Court.

Redundancy traditionally means that the employer no longer wishes that the duties of a particular position and employee be undertaken by anyone. It is therefore not uncommon for an employer to portray the termination of employment as a redundancy. It is important that you speak to lawyers to go over your options if you feel you have been treated unfairly when you are told your services are no longer required.

Equally, employers are well advised to take legal advice before the decision to make a position redundant and terminate the employment of an employee for that reason is made.

Being unfairly dismissed from a workplace can cause serious impact and stress on you and your family, not only financially, but also often on your ability to find new employment. It is important to be aware that many of those who may have an unfair dismissal claim, may also have other options available to them, other than taking action for the unfair dismissal. It is therefore important and best to speak to experienced lawyers regarding your options before commencing an unfair dismissal claim, and obtaining a preliminary assessment, as making any claim may prevent you from making other claims. Therefore you need to be careful before commencing or settling any unfair dismissal case.  No matter what kind of unfair treatment you have, or are, facing, DINA lawyers are here to ensure that your legal rights are protected. If you feel that you have been dismissed unfairly, it’s best to act quickly by calling DINA lawyers, as some strict time limits apply to the commencement of unfair dismissal claims.

Advice as to the entitlements of employees on termination of employment is also available from our experts.